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Art Class



Program Name: Personalized Art Mentorship

Program Duration: 3 months

Program Overview:

The Personalized Art Mentorship is a one-on-one mentorship program designed for artists seeking individualized guidance and feedback to enhance their artistic skills and careers. As the sole mentor, I will provide personalized attention to each mentee.


Program Components:

  • Regular Meetings: I will conduct bi-weekly one-on-one virtual sessions (via video calls or phone calls) with each mentee. These sessions will focus on discussing their progress, providing feedback, and setting goals.

  • Assignments: Assign mentees specific art projects or exercises to help them develop their skills in line with their goals and interests.

  • Critique and Feedback: Provide detailed critiques and feedback on the mentees' work during each session, helping them refine their techniques and artistic vision.

  • Resource Sharing: Share resources, tutorials, and reference materials that can aid mentees in their artistic journey.

  • Portfolio Review: Conduct a comprehensive portfolio review at the end of the program to assess the progress made during the mentorship and offer guidance on the next steps.

  • Supportive Communication: Offer ongoing support and guidance via email or messaging between scheduled meetings.

*Inquire for pricing and further details​

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